About Us

Gem Jute Limited was established in Panchagarh (northern Bangladesh) in 2003. On January 31, 2006, we received ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification.  Our corporate vision is to:
     •  improve the livelihood of the local population by providing employment and advancement
     •  stimulate the local economy through direct and indirect economic activities, and
     •  promote sustainable development and support the environment by providing high-quality,
        organic, biodegradable products to the world market.


Our Promise

Jute is an unique gift of nature. Because of this, we promise not to contaminate our jute with any additives hazardous to mankind. We encourage our farmers to harvest raw material jute fiber and we are working to process it in a fully organic manner.


Jute and Sustainability in Bangladesh

A Brief History
Jute is one of the oldest agricultural industries in Bangladesh and an integral part of its culture. Jute and jute goods have for a long time dominated the country's foreign currency earning sectors. However beginning in the late 1970s, the market for jute decreased in the face of competition from finer and cheaper synthetic fibres.


Economic impact and human cost
The resultant fall in the price of raw jute caused economic suffering to the jute cultivators. Attempts to switch to alternative crops met with limited success, especially in the northern districts. This agricultural instability has led to a phenomenon in the north known as " monga ", a famine-like condition which affects thousands of people every year.


Environmental awareness - a way forward
A growing knowledge of the importance of environmental sustainability and biodegradation has opened many new avenues for jute products. C oncern about the overuse of synthetics has raised the demand for natural, biodegradable fibres like jute, ramie, flax, kenaf, etc., whose special attributes allow them to be made into a wide array of products, from coarse sacks to imitation silk.


Vital Statistics:

  • Gem Jute Limited was registered on January 13, 2003 as a Private Limited company.

  • Location and Area:
    The location of the Gem Jute Ltd. is in Panchagarh, a district situated at the northernmost part of the country. Panchagarh is about 500 km away from the capital city of Dhaka . The Gem Jute Ltd. Mill has been built on 60 acres of land.

  • Gemcon started purchasing land for the establishment of Gem Jute Mills in 2002. It took 2 years to purchase enough land to build the mill. Development began in 2002 and was ready for machinery in 2003. Most machines are fully or almost assembled, while new machines are continuously being added.