Our main objectives are to serve the local people by creating job opportunities, defend the environment, protect traditional agro-industries, and earn foreign currency for the country through a profit-making venture.


How we will accomplish this:

  • Generating employment opportunities in the most neglected areas where "monga" (famine-like condition) hits thousands of people every year.

  • Ensuring payment of fair prices to the growers who had lost interest in cultivating jute.
  • Discouraging middlemen standing between Gem Jute Mills and jute growers.
  • Producing diversified jute goods to sell in the world markets.
  • Publicizing jute's ecologically benign qualities; that it is biodegradable, photodegradable, non-plastic, anionic acidic, absorbent fibrous composite, and that every component can be utilized for the production of diversified products (reinforcing composite, geo jute textiles, home textiles, upholstery, cushion covers, sofa covers, curtains, nursery cloth and many other products).
  • Promoting economic activity in and around Panchagarh.
  • Employing local jobless men and women and groom them both to be a skilled workforce and to be managers at different levels of administration.


Our Mission of Sustainability

We have taken up the challenge to create a new jute industry to stem the decline of the industry. Our parent company, Gemcon Group, worked to establish a labor-intensive jute mill in the northern district of Panchagarh which provides jobs to hundreds of local people and brings many more into various related economic activities.

Just as importantly, we are providing eco-friendly and cost-effective products to the world. While it seems true that poly bags are cheaper, in fact jute bags can be re-used many additional times, making them more economical. As jute is bio-degradable it fertilizes the soil as it decomposes, in the form of ligmas. Moreover, by providing direct and indirect economic assistance to an entire region, we are improving the livelihoods of many.